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Technogenic Mineral Raw Materials in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast

Nombre de pages: 59 Nombre de tables: 5 Le nombre de chiffres: 12
Informe Idioma: Russian
Relâché: 18.12.2017
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This report is the 1st edition of the study of technogenic mineral raw materials in Russia.


The purpose of the study is to review the technogenic deposits of Russia and to identify the extent of their use for the formation of the market for raw materials.

The object of research is technogenic (secondary) mineral raw materials.

This report  is a desk study. As sources of information, data from the Federal Service of State Statistics of the Russian Federation (Rosstat), the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, and statistics on rail transportation of the Russian Federation were used.

Also, data from the sectoral and regional press were used, the Infomain database was used; conference materials and scientific and technical literature.

Geography of the research: Russia.


Scope of the research: the report consists of 5 parts, contains 59 pages, including 5 tables, 12 figures, 1 appendix.

In the introduction, the definition of man-made raw materials is given and its classification is given.

In the first chapter, a brief review of the legislative framework related to man-made mineral raw materials in Russia is made.

In the second chapter, technogenic deposits of Russia are considered, consisting of state balance, by types of raw materials. The main characteristics of the main deposits are given.

The third chapter is devoted to the description of the main companies that are engaged in the development of man-made mineral raw materials in Russia.

In the fourth chapter, a brief overview of the supply of technogenic raw materials formed at Russian metallurgical enterprises is made. Showing the main companies - consumers of this raw material.

The fifth chapter tells about some prospects of development of the market of technogenic raw materials.

In the appendix addresses and contact information of the main participants of the market of technogenic mineral raw materials in Russia are given.


The target audience of the study:

- participants in the mining and metals industry - producers, consumers, traders;

- potential investors.


The proposed research claims to be a reference tool for marketing services and specialists who make managerial decisions, working in the mining and metallurgical industry, in the use of technogenic raw materials.



Introduction. Object of study. Determination of technogenic raw materials and its classification


1. A Brief Overview of the Legislative Basis Related to Technogenic Mineral Raw Materials in Russia


2. Technogenic deposits of Russia, consisting on the state balance sheet

2.1 Iron ores

2.2 Copper

2.3 Zinc

2.4 Tungsten

2.5 Platinoids

2.6 Gold

2.7 Silver

2.8 Rare earth metals (REE)

2.9 Zirconium

2.10 Diamonds

2.11 Apatite ores and phosphorites

2.12 Chromium

2.13 Tin


3. The main companies engaged in the development of technogenic mineral raw materials in Russia

Sredneuralsky Copper Smelting Plant LLC

OJSC Kovdorsky GOK

Polar Division of OJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel

JSC "Uralelectromed", Branch "Production of polymetals"

JSC "Zakamensk"

CJSC "Koryakgeoldobycha"


4. Supplies and transport of technogenic raw materials formed at metallurgical enterprises of Russia


5. Prospects for the development of the market of technogenic raw materials


Appendix: Contact information of companies engaged in the development of man-made mineral raw materials in Russia

Table 1: Main technogenic deposits in Russia and their characteristics

Table 2: Structure of sales of commodity products of OAO SUMZ in 201-2016, million rubles

Table 3: Volume of ore extraction by type of raw materials in the Polar Division of MMC Norilsk Nickel in 2004-2016. million tons

Table 4: The main consumer companies of non-ferrous metallurgical wastes supplied by railways (2012-2016), kt

Table 5: Dynamics of world prices for copper, nickel, gold and platinum in 2007-2017. and their forecast for 2018-2020.


Figure 1: Classification of technogenic deposits

Figure 2: Dynamics of production of copper in the concentrate of slag wastes and metallurgical semi-products (2010-2015), kt

Figure 3: Dynamics of processing of man-made raw materials by JSC Kovdorsky GOK in 2011-2016, kt

Figure 4: Structure of ore extraction of the Polar Division of OJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel for mines in 2007-2016,%

Figure 5: Volumes of delivery of the stale pyrrhotite concentrate at the NMZ of the Polar Division of MMC Norilsk Nickel (2010-2016), million tonnes

Figure 6: Dynamics of supplies to the branch of OJSC "Uralelectromed" ("Production of polymetals") of technogenic raw materials in 2010-2016, kt

Figure 7: Dynamics of WO3 production in tungsten concentrate of Zakamensk CJSC in 2010-2016, kt

Figure 8: Geological section placer platinum metals p. Левтыривываям

Figure 9: Dynamics of platinum production of CJSC "Koryakgeoldobycha" in 1994-2017, t

Figure 10: Dynamics of supplies by rail of slags of Russian ferrous metallurgy enterprises (2011-2016), mln t

Figure 11: Structure of supplies of technogenic raw materials of non-ferrous metallurgy,%

Figure 12: Structure of the use of technogenic raw materials of non-ferrous metallurgy,%


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