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Cobalt in the CIS and world: Production, Market and Forecast (7th edition)

Nombre de pages: 94 Nombre de tables: 34 Le nombre de chiffres: 23
Informe Idioma: Russian
Relâché: 19.03.2018
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Prix: 2 000 Euro
This report is currently available in Russian language only. However, we can provide an English version of the report within 3 weeks after receiving a payment. 

This report is the 7th edition of the cobalt market research in Russia / CIS / the world.

The market monitoring has been conducted since 1997.

The purpose of the study is to analyze the cobalt market - world, Russian and CIS countries.

The objects of investigation are cobalt and its compounds, as well as cobalt raw materials.

This work is a desk study. As sources of information were used the data of the Federal State Statistics Service, the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation, the statistics of railway transportation of the Russian Federation, the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Statistics, the State Customs Committee of Ukraine; The materials of the US State Geological Survey (USGS), data from UNdata and Eurostat; materials of world agencies (in particular, CDI), sectoral and regional press, annual and quarterly reports of securities issuers, as well as Internet sites of cobalt producers and consumers.

Chronological framework of the study: 2002-2017; forecast - up to 2025

Geography of the study: Russian Federation, - comprehensive detailed market analysis; Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus - general retrospective analysis of the market; the rest of the world - general information about the dynamics and characteristics of the market.


The report consists of 7 parts, contains 94 pages, including 23 figures, 34 tables and 1 annex.

In the first chapter of the report, a description of the world cobalt market (reserves, production, production, producer countries, prices) is given. Particular attention is paid to the consideration of the use of cobalt, including lithium-ion batteries.

The second chapter of the report contains information on the mineral-raw material base of cobalt in the CIS countries, the structure of reserves and characteristics of the main deposits.

The third chapter of the report is devoted to the extraction of cobalt-containing products in the CIS countries. The data on volumes of extraction by the enterprises in the period of 2002-2017 are analyzed. Also information on a number of projects in Kazakhstan is given.

The fourth chapter presents an analysis of the production of commodity cobalt products in Russia, shows technological production schemes, describes the current state of the main manufacturing enterprises,

The fifth chapter of the report contains data on foreign trade operations with cobalt and its compounds in the Russian Federation (for the period 2002-2017). The statistical data on the volumes of foreign trade operations in kind and in monetary terms, the regional structure of exports and imports are given. Also, the volumes of cobalt are given by Ukraine, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan. In addition, data on the dynamics of Russia's export-import prices for cobalt and compounds are presented.

In the sixth chapter of the report the consumption of cobalt in Russia in 2002-2017 is considered. This section shows the balance of production and consumption of these products, identified the main areas of use and consumer enterprises. Data on cobalt purchases at competitions / tenders by Russian companies are presented separately.

The seven chapter of the report provides a forecast for the production of commodity cobalt in Russia for the period up to 2025

The appendix contains the address and contact information of the main enterprises - producers and consumers of cobalt in Russia.


The target audience of the study:

- participants in the cobalt market - producers, consumers, traders;

- potential investors.

The proposed research claims to be a reference tool for marketing services and specialists who make management decisions that work in the non-ferrous metals market.





1. World market of cobalt

1.1. Mineral resources of cobalt in the world

1.2. World production and production of cobalt (2009-2017)

1.3. World trade in cobalt

1.4. Cobalt consumption and market development forecast

1.5. Dynamics of world prices for cobalt (1997-2017)


2. Mineral and raw materials base of cobalt in the CIS

2.1. Deposits of cobalt-bearing ores in Russia

2.2. Cobalt reserves in Russia / CIS


3. Extraction and processing of cobalt-bearing ores in the CIS (2002-2017)

3.1 Polar Division of OJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel

3.2 OJSC Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company

3.3 ZAO Geotechnology

3.4. Projects on the development of cobalt-bearing ores in Russia

3.5. Enterprises that stopped mining cobalt-bearing ores in Russia

3.4 Other enterprises and projects in the CIS


4. Production of commodity cobalt products in Russia / CIS (2002-2017)

4.1. Nomenclature of commodity cobalt products in Russia

4.2. Dynamics of production of commodity cobalt products in Russia (2002-2017)

4.3. Manufacturers of commercial cobalt products in Russia

4.4. Enterprises that ceased production of commodity cobalt products in Russia


5. Export-import of commodity cobalt products in the CIS (2002-2017)

5.1. Russia

5.2. CIS countries

5.3. Export-import prices of Russia for cobalt products in 2002-2017


6. Consumption of cobalt in Russia / CIS

Production of high-temperature alloys

Production of high-speed steels

Production of hard alloys

Chemical industry


7. Forecast of production and consumption of cobalt in Russia up to 2025


Appendix: Address book of the main manufacturing enterprises and consumers of cobalt products in the Russian Federation

Table 1: Projects for the development of cobalt-bearing ores in the world

Table 2: World production of cobalt in raw materials (ores, concentrates) in 2009-2017, kt

Table 3: Production of refined cobalt by countries of the world in 2007-2017, kt

Table 4: Production of metallic cobalt by public companies in 2007-2017, kt

Table 5: Import of cobalt raw materials of China in 2009-2016 by supplier countries, kt

Table 6: Main exporting countries of metallic cobalt in 2007-2017, kt

Table 7: Major importing countries of metallic cobalt in 2007-2017, kt

Table 8: Cobalt content in different devices, kg

Table 9: Forecast of world production and consumption of cobalt to 2030, kt

Table 10: Characteristics of the main industrial types of cobalt deposits in Russia

Table 11: Main deposits of cobalt-bearing CIS ores

Table 12: Volume of cobalt in mined ore of Russian enterprises in 2002-2017, kt

Table 13: Metallic cobalt grades in Russia and admissible content of impurities,%

Table 14: Volume of cobalt in commodity cobalt-containing products of Russian enterprises in 2002-2017, kt

Table 15: Volumes and directions of supplies of cobalt concentrate from Russia in 2002-2017, t

Table 16: Volumes and directions of supplies of metallic cobalt from Russia in 2002-2017, t

Table 17: Companies supplying cobalt for export from Russia in 2002-2017, kt

Table 18: Volumes of imports of RF cobalt concentrate and metallic cobalt in 2002-2017, t

Table 19: Russian companies importing cobalt in 2007-2017, t

Table 20: Producers of cobalt oxide and hydroxide for export from Russia in 2002-2017, t

Table 21: Russian companies importing oxides and hydroxides of cobalt in 2007-2017, t

Table 22: Export and import of RF cobalt compounds in 2002-2017, kg / t

Table 23: Russian companies importing cobalt acetate in 2007-2017, t

Table 24: Russian importers of cobalt carbonate in 2007-2017, t

Table 25: Russian companies importing cobalt sulphate in 2007-2017, t

Table 26: The volume of supplies of cobalt compounds to Russia by Freeport / OMG in 2002-2017, t

Table 27: Import volumes of cobalt by the main CIS countries in 2002-2017, t

Table 28: Volumes of imports of cobalt oxide and hydroxide by the main CIS countries in 2002-2017, t

Table 29: Ukrainian cobalt importers and their imports in 2007-2017, t

Table 30: Average annual export-import prices of the Russian Federation for various types

Table 31: Balance of production and consumption of metallic cobalt in Russia in 2002-2017, kt

Table 32: Composition of the most common high-temperature nickel base alloys containing cobalt,%

Table 33: Main Uses of Catalysts Containing Cobalt

Table 34: Procurement of metallic cobalt by Russian companies in 2016-2018 (based on results of tenders and tenders)

Figure 1: Mineral reserves of cobalt in the world's deposits, kt

Figure 2: Production of cobalt in the Congo by major companies (2016), kt

Figure 3: Location of the main Congolese cobalt mines

Figure 4: Structure of cobalt production by major companies (2016),%

Figure 5: Dynamics of world production of commodity cobalt in 2007-2017, kt

Figure 6: Supplies of cobalt oxides and hydroxides from China in 2009-2016, kt

Figure 7: Structure of consumption of cobalt superalloys by area of ​​use,%

Figure 8: Structure of lithium-ion batteries by main types,%

Figure 9: Composition of cathodes of the main types of lithium-ion batteries,%

Figure 10: Structure of world consumption of cobalt in 2016,%

Figure 11: Structure of cobalt consumption by product and sector,%

Figure 12: Structure of cobalt consumption in China,%

Figure 13: Dynamics and forecast of global demand for cobalt (thousand tons) and the share of cobalt used for the production of storage batteries (%) in 2012-2020

Figure 14: The proportion of lithium-ion batteries in the structure of cobalt consumption,%

Figure 15: Cobalt deficit / surplus in the world market (2012-2021), kt

Figure 16: Average annual prices for metallic cobalt (99.8%) in 1997-2017 and forecast for 2018-2020, $ / kg

Figure 17: Dynamics of cobalt volumes in Russia's mined ore in 2002-2017, kt

Figure 18: Volumes of ore extraction by the Polar Division of MMC Norilsk Nickel in 1997-2017, million tonnes

Figure 19: Technological scheme of production of metals of the Polar Division of OJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel (until 2017)

Figure 20: Technological scheme of OJSC "Kola MMC"

Figure 21: Dynamics of cobalt production in commodity cobalt products in Russia (2002-2017), kt

Figure 22: Shares of western suppliers of cobalt compounds in Russia's imports,%

Figure 23: Forecast of the production of cobalt in the marketable products up to 2025, kt


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