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Graphene in the world and Russia: Production, Market and Forecast (2nd edition)

Nombre de pages: 219 Nombre de tables: 41 Le nombre de chiffres: 83
Informe Idioma: Russian
Relâché: 23.10.2020
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Prix: 3 000 Euro

This report is currently available in Russian language only. However, we can provide an English version of the report within 3 weeks after receiving a payment.


This report is the second edition of the research of the graphene market in the world and in Russia.


The purpose of the study is to analyze the world and Russian graphene market.

The object of research is graphene and its derivatives, as well as products based on it.

This work is a desk study. The sources of information were data from scientific, industry and regional press, annual and quarterly reports of securities issuers, websites of graphene producers, a survey of domestic and foreign experts on the production and use of graphene.

Chronological framework of the study: 2010-2019, forecast for 2020-2025

Geography of research: countries of the world and the Russian Federation.

The report consists of 5 chapters, contains 219 pages, including 41 tables, 83 figures and 3 appendices.


The first chapter provides information on graphene, its basic properties and approaches to the standardization of graphene materials. The levels of impurities on selected industrial grades of graphene are selectively indicated.

The second chapter describes the raw materials used and the main industrial technologies for the production of graphene films and graphene powders.

The third chapter provides a description of the world market in 2010-2019. The main manufacturers of graphene are considered in detail, the main market drivers are formulated, the leading research centers for graphene are indicated, the areas of application of graphene are briefly described and the price analysis of graphene from different manufacturers is carried out.

The fourth chapter examines the state of the graphene industry in Russia in 2010-2019.

The fifth chapter examines the prospects for the development of the graphene industry and gives a forecast of production and consumption until 2025.

Appendices contain addresses and contact information of foreign and Russian graphene producers, as well as a list of Russian graphene R&D centers.


The highlight of the report is a detailed review of the profile of the world's largest companies and all well-known manufacturers of graphene and graphene products in Russia.


Target audience of the study:

- graphene market participants - producers, consumers, traders;

- students of specialized universities;

- analysts of the nanotechnology market;

- potential investors.


The proposed study claims to be a reference guide for specialists making management decisions working in the graphene and its derivatives market.



Terms and Definitions




1. Main characteristics of graphene, types of industrial products, quality requirements (standards)

1.1 Commodity forms

1.2 Standards


2. Raw materials and technologies for the production of graphene


3. World graphene market

3.1 Major graphene producers in 2010-2019

3.1.1 Producers of dispersed graphene in 2010-2019

NanoXplore (Canada)

The Sixth Element (Changzhou) Materials Technology (China)

SuperC (Dongguan) Technology (China)

XG Sciences (USA)

Moxi Group / Ningbo Morsch Technology (China)

Haoxin Technology (China)

BTR New Material Group (China)

Graphene Nanochem (Malaysia)

Global Graphene Group / Angstron Materials (USA)

Xiamen Knano Graphene Technology (China)

Shandong Leadernano Technology (China)

Perpetuus Advanced Materials (England)

Baotailong New Materials (China)

Tangshan Jianhua Industrial Group (China)

First Graphene (Australia)

Other manufacturers of dispersed graphene

3.1.2 Manufacturers of monocrystalline graphene

Chongqing Graphene Technology (China)

2D Carbon (Changzhou) Tech (China)

Wuxi Graphene Film (China)

Grolltex (USA)

Graphenea (Spain)

Graphensic AB (Sweden)

Graphene Square (South Korea)

LG Electronics (South Korea)

Kuk Il Graphene (South Korea)

Graphene Platform Corp. (Japan)

3.2 Main trends in the graphene market

3.3 Major R&D centers

National Graphene Institute (England)

Beijing Graphene Institute (China)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA)

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea)

IIT Graphene Labs (Italy)

Fujitsu Laboratories (Japan)

IBM Research (USA)

Center for Advanced 2D Materials (Singapore)

3.4 Applications of graphene in 2010-2019

Corrosion-protective coatings

Touch screens

Lithium-ion batteries




3D printing

Biomedicine and healthcare

Graphene ink

Hydrogen accumulators



3.5 Price analysis in 2017-2020

3.5.1 Prices for graphene powders in 2017-2020

3.5.2 Prices for graphene nano-wafers in 2017-2020

3.5.3 Prices for graphene single crystals in 2017-2020

3.5.4 Price forecast for graphene products


4. Graphene market in Russia in 2010-2019, producers and consumers

4.1 Graphene producers in the Russian Federation in 2010-2019

LLC "Nanotechcenter" (Tambov)

JSC "ZAVKOM" (Tambov)

LLC "AkKo Lab" (Moscow)

LLC "Rusgrafen" (Protvino)

LLC "GrafenOx" (Chernogolovka)

OOO NPO Graphene Materials (St. Petersburg)

LLC "Global AKZ" (Tomsk)

LLC "Karbolight" (Dolgoprudny)

LLC "MIP" Graphene "(Yakutsk)

LLC "Nanomaterials" (Tambov)

LLC "Active-nano" (St. Petersburg)

LLC "Grafentech" (Moscow)

OOO "Graf-SK" (Moscow)

OOO "GrafSensors" (Moscow)

LLC "GK Genesis GNP" (Moscow)

OOO PKF Alliance (St. Petersburg)

LLC "Tenzograf" (Tula region)

LLC "Lithion" (Dubna)

JSC "Fescom" (Moscow)


4.2 Foreign trade operations of the Russian Federation with graphene in 2014-2019

4.2.1 Import of graphene and graphene products in 2014-2019

4.2.2 Export of graphene and graphene products in 2014-2019

4.3 Consumers of graphene in the Russian Federation in 2010-2019


5. Prospects for the development of the graphene industry in Russia, forecast for 2020-2025.


Appendix 1. Major graphene producers in the world

Appendix 2. Main producers of graphene in Russia

Appendix 3. The main topics of the leading research centers for graphene in Russia in 2015-2020.

Table 1: Main properties of monolayer graphene (MG), multilayer graphene nanoparticles (LNP) and crushed graphite

Table 2: Analysis of graphene nanoparticles for the content of impurities of seven elements, ppm

Table 3: Capacities of the countries of the world for the production of dispersed graphene in 2020, thousand tons

Table 4: The largest producers of dispersed graphene in 2020, tons

Table 5: Main characteristics of graphene grades produced by The Sixth Element (Changzhou) Materials Technology

Table 6: Main characteristics of graphene oxide grades produced by The Sixth Element (Changzhou) Materials Technology

Table 7: Main characteristics of SC graphene pastes produced by SuperC Technology

Table 8: Specifications for xGnP® Graphene Nano-Plates in 2017

Table 9: Main characteristics of Haoxin Technology graphene nanoplates

Table 10: Specifications of graphene nanoparticle grades manufactured by the Global Graphene Group

Table 11: Applications of graphene grades produced by the Global Graphene Group

Table 12: Main characteristics of graphene grades manufactured by Knano

Table 13: Financial performance of Baotailong New Materials in 2017-2020, million yuan

Table 14: Main Properties of Graphene Grades Produced by Tangshan Jianhua Industrial Group

Table 15: Main characteristics of graphene grades of AzTrong company

Table 16: Main characteristics of AzTrong graphene oxide grades

Table 17: Grades of graphene nanoplates produced by Thomas Swan

Table 18: Characteristics of Fanglin Minerals Graphene Powders

Table 19: Capacities for the production of monocrystalline graphene in the world in 2020, million m2

Table 20: Fields of application of the global graphene market

Table 21: Structure of graphene consumption areas in 2019,%

Table 22: Prices for graphene powders in March 2017 and September 2020, $ / kg

Table 23: Prices for graphene nano-wafers of foreign manufacturers in March 2017 and September 2020, $ / kg

Table 24: Prices for graphene single crystals in March 2017 and September 2020, $ / cm2

Table 25: Characteristics of aqueous pastes for graphene nano wafers

Table 26: Price list of graphene products of Nanotechcenter LLC for March 2017 and September 2020, rubles / gram

Table 27: Key financial indicators of Nanotechcenter LLC in 2014-2019, RUB mln

Table 28: Main properties of graphene grades produced by ZAVKOM JSC

Table 29: Graphene products of AkKo Lab LLC

Table 30: Key financial indicators of AkKo Lab LLC in 2014-2019, RUB million

Table 31: Graphene products of Rusgrafen LLC

Table 32: Key financial indicators of LLC Rusgrafen in 2015-2019, RUB million

Table 33: Graphene products of Grafenox LLC

Table 34: Key financial indicators of LLC "Carbonlight" in 2010-2015, thousand rubles

Table 35: Main financial indicators of LLC MIP Graphene in 2014-2019, mln rubles

Table 36: Main Characteristics of CFera® Graphene Grease

Table 37: Areas of application of the grease TsVS-01

Table 38: Key financial indicators of LLC "Lithion" in 2014-2019, million rubles

Table 39: Imports of graphene in 2014-2019, grams, $

Table 40: Import of graphene products in 2014-2019, units, $

Table 41: Export of Russian graphene and products with its use in 2014-2019, grams, $

Figure 1: Schematic representation of graphene

Figure 2: Monocrystalline graphene (left) and amorphous graphene (right)

Figure 3: Defects in single-layer graphene like "vacancy", "topological defect of Stone-Wales" and "nanopore"

Figure 4: Structure of graphene with incorporated crown ether molecules

Figure 5: Electronic photographs of graphene oxide pom-poms

Figure 6: Schematic diagram of the CVD process of graphene synthesis on a substrate

Figure 7: Scheme of obtaining graphene from graphite through intermediate formation of graphite oxide

Figure 8: Share of different technologies in global graphene production in 2019

Figure 9: Dynamics of world production of graphene in 2010-2020, thousand tons

Figure 10: Top 10 global graphene producers in 2016, tons per year

Figure 11: Internal view of the NanoXplore plant for the production of graphene powder with a capacity of 4 thousand tons per year

Figure 12: Rigidity of polyethylene, including with the addition of 1% graphene, after two cycles of use, GPa

Figure 13: The Sixth Element (Changzhou) Materials Technology Graphene Workshop, 2016.

Figure 14: Graphene anti-corrosion coating on a wind turbine column in the Yellow Sea

Figure 15: Huawei Mate 20 X Smartphone with Graphene Heat Sinks from The Sixth Element

Figure 16: Commencement of construction of a 1,000 tpa graphene plant in Nantong, China in February 2019.

Figure 17: SuperC (Dongguan) Technology Environmental Certificate

Figure 18: Diagram of XG Sciences 3-Step Graphene Nano-Wafer Manufacturing Process

Figure 19: View of XG Science's chemical cleavage of graphite for graphene production, 2017

Figure 20: Rossui Graphene Transparent Medical Masks

Figure 21: Exterior view of the Leadernano Technology plant

Figure 22: Leadernano Technology manufacturing site in 2017

Figure 23: Exterior view of the Perpetuus Advanced Materials plant

Figure 24: Tangshan Jianhua Industrial Group Graphene Workshop

Figure 25: Vision AVTR electric vehicle concept with graphene batteries

Figure 26: Flowchart of Thomas Swan Graphene Nanoplates Manufacturing Process

Figure 27: Appearance of graphene single crystals on a copper substrate manufactured by Chongqing Graphene Technology

Figure 28: Flexible Graphene Masks from Chongqing Graphene Technology

Figure 29: Samples and Mockups of Graphene Products from Chongqing Graphene Technology

Figure 30: Graphene Home Touch Panel from 2D Carbon (Changzhou) Tech

Figure 31: JR029-G Graphene Film Heater from 2D Carbon (Changzhou) Tech

Figure 32: Graphene Pressure Sensors from 2D Carbon (Changzhou) Tech

Figure 33: Industrial Graphene Transparent Conductive Film From 2D Carbon (Changzhou) Tech

Figure 34: Graphene wearable electronic touch sensor from 2D Carbon (Changzhou) Tech

Figure 35: Technological scheme for the production of monocrystalline graphene by Grolltex

Figure 36: List of Grolltex Monocrystalline Graphene Consumers

Figure 37: Graphenea's Graphene Workshop

Figure 38: Exterior view of Graphensic plant for growing epitaxial graphene from silicon carbide

Figure 39: Schematic of continuous exfoliation of a graphene film from a copper substrate onto an intermediate polymer layer according to the development of the Graphene Square company

Figure 40: Flowchart of Graphene Square Smartphone Graphene Touch Screen Manufacturing

Figure 41: Exterior view of Kuk Il Graphene equipment for mass production of coiled graphene

Figure 42: Appearance of Kuk Il Graphene equipment for plasma chemical vapor deposition of graphene

Figure 43: Scheme of graphene synthesis on a substrate with a titanium catalyst from Kuk Il Graphene

Figure 44: Panorama of the stages of graphene implementation by IDTechEx

Figure 45: Exterior of a mechanical chronometer with a Graph TPT ™ case

Figure 46: Detail of a plant for the production of graphene single crystals on a copper substrate

Figure 47: Schemes for obtaining single crystals of graphene on glasses

Figure 48: Process flow diagram for manufacturing large sheets of high quality MIT graphene

Figure 49: Schematic of a graphene / polymer composite developed by ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Figure 50: Scheme of growing large single crystals of graphene by the ORNL method

Figure 51: Graphene loudspeaker, consisting of 16 sound reproduction modules, developed by the KAIST Institute

Figure 52: Schematic diagram of a graphene nitrogen dioxide and ammonia sensor built at Fujitsu Laboratories

Figure 53: Artistic rendering of the placement of nanoscale materials using an electric field between pairs of opposing graphene electrodes

Figure 54: Structure of areas of graphene consumption in 2016,%

Figure 55: Comparative Test Results for Graphene Coating

Figure 56: Appearance of screens for smartphones manufactured by Wuxi Graphene Electronic Film Technology

Figure 57: Exterior of Moxi Flexible Graphene Bracelet Smartphones

Figure 58: FlexEnable Graphene Flexible Desktop Display

Figure 59: Appearance of Dongxu Optoelectronic Li-ion Battery

Figure 60: External view of supercapacitors based on graphene electrodes developed by Nanotechcenter LLC together with JSC VSKB Rikon

Figure 61: Shangdong Hengyu Technology Graphene Tires

Figure 62: Graphene Reinforced Car Tires from Nanjing SCF Nanotechnology

Figure 63: 3D printing thermoplastic filament (graphene reinforced) from Nanjing SCF Nanotechnology

Figure 64: Samples of 12 graphene-reinforced multi-colored plastic composites manufactured by Nanjing SCF Nanotechnology

Figure 65: Model system graphene - water - lipid bilayer for biosensors

Figure 66: Scheme of interaction of two peptides through the stage of sorption of one of them on the surface of graphene oxide

Figure 67: Guardian G-Volt Self Cleaning Mask

Figure 68: PlanarTECH graphene-filled hygiene mask

Figure 69: Principle of operation of a graphene biosensor

Figure 70: Diagram of bioelectronic human tattoos

Figure 71: Chinese Z-10 Attack Helicopter with Graphene-Aluminum Armor

Figure 72: Scheme of symbiosis of Geobacter sulfurreducens with graphene

Figure 73: Volumes of graphene production in Russia in 2017-2020, thousand tons

Figure 74: Scheme of physical and chemical processes for obtaining graphene nano-wafers and their chemical derivatives from graphite

Figure 75: Site for the production of graphene JSC "ZAVKOM"

Figure 76: Graphene film on nickel foil 20x100 mm manufactured by OOO Rusgrafen

Figure 77: General Director of OOO Rusgrafen with the Graphene Submarine unit.

Figure 78: Tracks of electrically conductive graphene paint connected to a battery and an LED (left), and graphene nanoplates and graphene microparticles (right) Rusgrafen LLC

Figure 79: Graphene sorbent of GrafenOx LLC

Figure 80: Products of Global AKZ LLC

Figure 81: Genesis GNP Engine Oil

Figure 82: Dynamics of imports of graphene and graphene products to Russia in 2014-2019, thousand $

Figure 83: Forecast of graphene production in the world and the Russian Federation for 2020-2025, thousand tons


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